Rice cake slicer



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Product Description


It is mainly used to Chinese rice cake slicing,the slicing rate and product thickness can be both adjusted.

Success Case

I know Fuda from Alibaba.com,they are verified by alibaba,so I placed my order after alomost 1 month discussion without worrying about my money.After I receiving the machines,I asked much to They are very professional and hard working,every time I send a message when I have new idea,I get reply very soon,even though there is 12 hours different between China and The US.I appreciate them!

Evaluation from Mr Shi-LuNan District, TangShang City, HebeiMachine from ShangQiu fuda food machinery Co.,ltd is pretty good. I have bought four sets machines from this company. first one is one set stainless steel fryer, it is easy to operation with automactic temperature control system, automatic discharging system, automatic oil dregs cleaning system.when production capacity has been increased, two sets of deep fryer order was made, we are satisfied with this company’s after-sale service. several months later,you would find the qulity of machine was stable.I am going to make an order of fried dough twist production line soon,this is a better company in food machinery industry area.

I know Fuda from my brother,he has been in food making business for 20 years,but I am a new hand,since I decide to start my food making business and need purchase machines,,my brother introduce the factory own,Mr.Zhou Xingbang to me.After several times meeting and discussing the ideas and requirements,I customize 10 sets machines here,fryer,oven,dough mixer,dough cutter,syrup machine and so on.They are really honest and responsible manufacturer.