Syrup Filling Machine

Model:FDHJ-100Capacity:280kg/hVoltage:220vAir Pressure:4-6kg PressureDimension:1800×1000×2100mm


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Product Description

Scope of Application:

Syrup filling to cakes

Success Case

My name is Wu Tian Qing,I have one food factory in Xi’an Shaanxi Province,I love watching technology tv series,and after seeing the reports of Fuda Company,I am very interested their products since theri main products can meet my requirements well.I visited theri factory in October,2013,and after seeing how they works,I bought one fried dough twist production and one rice strip production line,as well as one syrup filling machine to my honey cake.They came to my fatcory and install and guide me how to use them,Now,3 years passed by,all the machine are still working well here.

My name is Li Wenbin, one Chinese businessman in Indonesia.I have one small dessert workshop in Jakarta,in the year of 2011,I went to Shanghai for Bakery Fair and searching food machines,I got one flyer from Fuda,seeing the items they have,I found the syrup filling machine which I have been looking for a long time,After confirming the specification and payment items,I bought one at a discounted price because that was exhibition period.That machine is very easy to operate and useful,even there was small problems but they response me very fast and send me replacement parts.Their service is very good.

I know Fuda from my brother,he has been in food making business for 20 years,but I am a new hand,since I decide to start my food making business and need purchase machines,,my brother introduce the factory own,Mr.Zhou Xingbang to me.After several times meeting and discussing the ideas and requirements,I customize 10 sets machines here,fryer,oven,dough mixer,dough cutter,syrup machine and so on.They are really honest and responsible manufacturer.