Tunnel Oven



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Product Description


It is suitable for baking all kinds of bread, moon cake, biscuits, snacks and other baked foods.

Product Introduction:

This oven is tunnel style,the effective and non-pressure thermal conductivity oil is applied,high thermal efficient.

Energy-efficient furnace is used to make the temperature go up quickly and saves labors.It is easy to operate and the capacity is high.

The temperature is adjustable to make the baked food is even cooked.

The machine can bring you better economic benefits compared with electric ovens and liquefied petroleum oven.

Success Case

This is Saeed Marzooq from Kingdom of Bahrain,I have one bread factory in Manama, in the bakery fair in Shanghai,they gave me one brochure,I saw the tunnel oven and asked the price,I compared with many different suppliers and found that Fuda is the best option for me,since the finishing and function is good though the price is not so high,It is really nice experience working with them.

This is Toki from Pakistan,my business is fried snack producing.Since my business is expanding these two years,What I need most is the fryer,my friend in Yiwu introduce Fuda to me,after studying the fryer with my partner,I had decided to buy one for test with doubt,but after using it,all the doubt has replaced by satisfication.

Chapati is an unleavened flatbread from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.It is a common staple in South Asia as well as amongst South Asian expatriates throughout the world. Chapatis were also introduced to other parts of the world by South Asian immigrants, particularly by Indian merchants to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Caribbean islands.I bought one set chapatti machine from fuda food machinery company, it saved several labor and cost, their machine is good and this company had an interview with CCTV.